What We Believe In

We encourage kids to explore, imagine and learn through a variety of activities, stories, and age-appropriate games.

We fuel intuitive and joyful learning, helping kids develop critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional skills.

We maintain high standards of quality and safety, ensuring all content is research-based, effective, and appropriate for different ages and stages of development.

Fun Learning Apps and More

bekids apps give curious young learners the best foundation of essential skills for school and beyond. Each app is jam-packed with age-appropriate games, stories, and adventures that are proven to nurture early-years development in science, computer skills, art, and math.

In addition, a healthy mind starts with a healthy body, so that's why we created a kid-friendly fitness app, full of playful AR activities to keep your kids moving and growing.

Your littlest learner can also join the fun with our language development and social-emotional learning apps.

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